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COVID-19: How To Keep Your Toddler Engaged During Quarantine

Staying in quarantine for days at a stretch can be overwhelming even for adults let alone for kids. We all are quite aware of the situation nowadays and understand the urgency of the moment but for small children, quarantine is just like summer vacations where they get to spend time at their home with their loved ones and do things that they enjoy doing. COVID-19 outbreak has affected us in a number of ways but being adults, it is our responsibility to make sure that our little ones remain... Read More

Mobile Phone Addiction in Children: How To Deal With It?

Children, unlike adults, do not understand the negative impact of technology. For them, a mobile phone is just a means of entertainment which they can use for hours and hours at a stretch. If you hand over a mobile phone to your child for keeping him/her busy while you carry on with your work, they will soon develop a habit and get addicted to it. Mobile phone addiction is no joke and the problem not only affects children but adults as well. Teaches from the best Play School in... Read More

How To Teach Your Kids to Make The Right Decisions - Parenting Tips

Unlike adults, children don’t over-analyze things. Their decisions are abrupt and sudden, without any vivid planning or worries of the future. Parenting a toddler is definitely not a small deal as you don’t have to just raise a child but prepare them to be independent and make decisions of their own. No matter how much you love your child, you cannot simply deny the fact that at some point you have to let them make their own decisions and choose what is best for them. What... Read More