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Is Your Toddler Hiding Things From You: A Must-Read For All Parents

With ever-increasing work-load and responsibilities, life has become very hectic. You hardly get any time for yourself, let alone for your kids. No matter what the reason, parents cannot simply compromise with the few quality hours that their child gets to spend with them. Teachers from the play-school suggest that sending your child to a school is a necessity and marks the foundation on which their future is built but this does not mean that you are free of all your responsibilities. You... Read More

Teaching Time Management To Your Kids

Small kids are overwhelmed by the prospect of fitting all their favorites activities and games that they want to play into the few hours that they get after school. Being adults, we have to indulge in a lot of activities on a daily basis and believe it or not, the same goes for kids. The only difference is that, unlike adults, kids find it rather difficult to manage all their activities in the available frame of time. Kids usually don’t have the cognitive skills to organize their schedule... Read More

Teaching Your Toddler To Be Responsible: A Guide For All Parents

Parents of toddlers often wonder when their little champ would be ready to take a particular responsibility. Well, this is the right age to give a boost to your child's confidence levels and encourage them to become responsible by giving them age-appropriate tasks that teach them to be more independent. To be responsible is something that a child learns gradually and the sooner you teach your child to be responsible the better. You must be thinking why it is so important to teach your... Read More

Mind-blowing activities for boosting your child’s cognitive skills in quarantine

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the present scenario has affected everyone irrespective of age or gender. Be it, children or adults, life is not the same for anyone. While it is quite easy for the adults to cope up with the changing situation, it can be comparatively difficult for children to understand and accept what is happening around them. As per the teachers from the best play school in Deoli, making children aware of the present scenario and keeping them calm during quarantine... Read More

Online Tools To Boost Your Child’s Learning Skills in Quarantine

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected people all across the globe and impacted all the major spheres of life. As important it is to stay at home and protect ourselves and our loved ones, it is equally important to make sure that the psychological impact of the same does not hinder our child's learning process. All the schools have been shut down; however, this does not mean that the learning process has come to a halt. The best playschool in Najafgarh is doing all it can to help the parents... Read More

COVID-19: How To Keep Your Toddler Engaged During Quarantine

Staying in quarantine for days at a stretch can be overwhelming even for adults let alone for kids. We all are quite aware of the situation nowadays and understand the urgency of the moment but for small children, quarantine is just like summer vacations where they get to spend time at their home with their loved ones and do things that they enjoy doing. COVID-19 outbreak has affected us in a number of ways but being adults, it is our responsibility to make sure that our little ones remain... Read More

Mobile Phone Addiction in Children: How To Deal With It?

Children, unlike adults, do not understand the negative impact of technology. For them, a mobile phone is just a means of entertainment which they can use for hours and hours at a stretch. If you hand over a mobile phone to your child for keeping him/her busy while you carry on with your work, they will soon develop a habit and get addicted to it. Mobile phone addiction is no joke and the problem not only affects children but adults as well. Teaches from the best Play School in... Read More

How To Teach Your Kids to Make The Right Decisions - Parenting Tips

Unlike adults, children don’t over-analyze things. Their decisions are abrupt and sudden, without any vivid planning or worries of the future. Parenting a toddler is definitely not a small deal as you don’t have to just raise a child but prepare them to be independent and make decisions of their own. No matter how much you love your child, you cannot simply deny the fact that at some point you have to let them make their own decisions and choose what is best for them. What... Read More