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10 Fun Family Activities to try this Lockdown with your Children

With the lockdown continuing, and the anxiety and stress around you, we should take this opportunity to be with our family. Don’t fret about making all activities which centred towards your children. The Best Day Care in Noida understands that children learn from their surroundings, and they act like sponges, soaking up the atmosphere around them and responding to the situations accordingly. After every game and after every story you read, they will take back something from that experience. With that in mind, we have curated a list of ten things that you can do together to have quality time as a family.

1. Board Games

Get your family around the table for a fun-filled board game. If you don’t have any board games with you, then worry not, make one of your simplest games and create your own rules.

2. Hide and Seek

This one you should play with your children easily as it requires no resources. You might have seen your children playing it with your friends, and you may have also played with your friends. Relive your good old childhoods.

3. Family Karaoke

Get ready to hear dozens of children poems and new zazzy songs that you child love. You can find various karaoke versions of popular songs. Belt out some tunes of your child favourite songs and see your child, dance and enjoy the fun.

4. Card Games

Who said cards aren’t for children. You can take out a deck of cards and play memory games with these. You can also make a cards castle with them and fight it out who can make the tallest!

5. Cook Together

The Best Play School in South Delhi recommends that you should cook with your child together. There are so many opportunities for practical life and teachings that you can impart to your children. Start with peeling, chopping and stirring and be amazed by the delicious pot of goodies that they have cooked.

6. Puzzles

Children love puzzles and figuring them out. For some children, it might get tiring, and they start to lose focus. But solving puzzles together is a beautiful bonding experience. You can also select some digital puzzle options.

7. Build a Fort

Ah! If your child is missing the outdoors, why don’t you create a fort? Take out some sheets and blankets and build a fort together with your child. Lie in the fort with them and read stories to them. You can also watch a movie together and or eat inside the fort.

8. Watch a Movie Together

Watching a movie is all about the experience. Don’t just select a random movie and watch it with your youngsters. Make the experience memorable for them by dimming the lights, making some popcorn, getting some blankets and eating chocolates. If you are missing cinema halls at this time, you can even create movie passes and let your children buy it from you.

9. Dumb Charades

The Best Pre School in Gurgaon south city 1 suggests that this best game that you can play with your children. Make them guess the name of favourite movies, sports stars, actors and have a blast while they act up to guess those.

10. Star Gaze

If you are living in someplace, where you can see stars clearly, lay outside with your children in your backyard with fresh pillows and blankets. Also, teach them about star formation and different constellation.