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Teaching Your Child Good Touch Bad Touch

One thing that all the parents in this world have in common is that they all want the safety and well-being of their child. And this is why we teach our children different ways to keep them safe, like how to safely cross the road, not talking to strangers, not accepting edibles from unknown people etc. However, there is one topic that parents often shy away from when talking to their young ones because it can be really difficult to make them understand such things. Many parents delay talking to their young ones about good touch and bad touch as it can get a bit awkward to talk about.

As per the teachers from the leading pre-school, it is indeed a very tough subject to talk about especially to a child, but with rampant cases of child sexual abuse coming up every other day, it is pertinent that we teach our young ones about inappropriate touch and not shy away from the topic at all.

Teachers from the best playschool suggest that every parent needs to understandthat it is never too early to start talking about good touch and bad touch. As soon as your child is old enough to grasp what you are saying you should start teaching them about their body parts and what is appropriate and inappropriate. This will not only make your child aware of different types of touches but also make it easier for you when you decide to talk about good touch and bad touch to them. Using the right language thus becomes very important.

One of the best ways to make children understand what is appropriate and inappropriate touch is to tell them about the underwear rule. It is pretty easy. Teach children that anything and everything that their undergarments cover is off-limits and if someone touches them where they need to tell you immediately.

First thing you as parents need to do is to make sure that the child understands that there is nothing in this world that they can’t share with you. Building trust in children is essential from a young age so that they do not shy away from telling you about anything. More often such people abuse children and scare them into keeping quiet and that is precisely why young ones must understand that they can share anything and everything with you.

Teaching children about consent from a young age also plays an important role when it comes to teaching them about good and bad touch. If you ask children from a young age whether it is okay to hug them or touch them and teach them to ask for consent, they will understand that if someone touches them inappropriately against their wishes and tell you about it.

What we teach children is to be polite and well-mannered. But it is equally important to teach them to shout and scream if a stranger makes them uncomfortable. One thing that we see often is parents scolding young ones to talk softly especially around strangers, but parents should know that it is equally important to teach them to be impolite in front of strangers who make them feel uncomfortable. And children should also be encouraged to share why they were rude to someone and why they said no.Giving them autonomy gives them confidence and they will find it easier to voice out their opinion.

One should understand that talking about good touch and bad touch is not a one-time thing as children learn best from repetition.