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Is your toddler being too fussy when it comes to eating?

Ensuring that your toddler is getting all the healthy nutrients and in the right amount is a hell of a task as children tend to be very fussy when it comes to their meals. No matter how hard you try, it is very difficult to get your child to eat their food and sometimes it can be too frustrating when your child refuses to finish his/her meals. So, if you think you are alone in this, trust me, you are mistaken as a majority of people parenting toddlers face the same issue and that too on a daily basis. Experts from the best play school in Ghaziabad suggest that it is quite difficult to understand what appeals to your child’s taste buds and what does not as children have very different taste preferences.

For some children, fussy eating is just a phase and lasts for some time only, but for others, it continues till adolescence and even after that. The lengthy years of fussy eating can be quite tiresome for the parents. The time you spend feeding your little one gives you an opportunity to mingle with them and get to know them better but this time is interrupted by their eating tantrums. Most of the parents don’t even know how to deal with such children and often have to consult a child specialist.  As per the teachers from the leading Best Play school in Gurgaon south city 1, the task is not as difficult as it seems. Here are a few things that you can try:

  • Let your little champ help you in the kitchen - You must be wondering how a toddler can help you in the kitchen. Well, there are a lot of things that your little champ can help you with like passing on the vegetables and ingredients, mixing batters, garnishing etc. Such things usually fascinate a child, especially when they have put efforts in it. This not only helps you to trigger their taste buds but also gives you the chance to spend quality time with your child. However, when your child is helping you in the kitchen make sure that you take all the necessary precautions and keep them away from all sharp and hot objects. Make them feel that they are being helpful but be careful at the same time.
  • Play with colours - Before any food appeals to your child's taste buds, it should appeal to their eyes. Children usually love things that are fascinating and colourful be it in terms of toys for the food they eat. You can easily sign healthy ingredients in different colours and combine them to create something both healthy and appealing. Garnish the food by making smileys and objects which you can easily learn online.
  • Find the healthy substitutes for their favourite snack - Children love to eat snacks but the ones you find online or at General Stores aren't usually healthy. You can easily make healthy snacks at home by using natural ingredients and vegetables. These are not only healthy but also ensure that your child is getting all the nutrients that they require. For instance, you can make chicken nuggets or French fries at home without any added preservatives. You can find a lot of such recipes online which are easy to cook and appealing to taste buds.