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Raising an independent child: A must-read for all parents

Parents always want the best for their children, which is quite understandable as it is a human instinct. They always thrive towards making their child’s life better and easier, however, teachers from the best pre-school in Deoli suggest that at some point it is important to realize that eventually your child will have to carry his/her own burden and for this, it is important that he/she is not solely dependent upon you. If you want to raise an independent child, it is better to start early as your habit of doing their things for them out of love will become a life-long habit that will continue for a lifetime. If you are wondering how you can instill the quality of being independent in your child, this blog is just for you.

Experts from the leading playschool in Deoli suggest the following tips that can help you to make your child independent:

  • Stop doing everything for them – It is natural for every parent to make sure that their child does everything in the right way, but this does not mean that you keep on intervening or doing things for them. Seeing your child doing something and refraining yourself from helping him/her can be difficult but it is only for their benefit. They may take hours to complete a task that you might complete in a few minutes but you have to be patient. The first and the foremost step towards changing any situation assessing what all needs to be changed. Let them start with making their own bed or cleaning their room.
  • Set expectations – Letting your children do things on their own does not mean that you have to shed all your responsibilities. There are still some things that only you as an adult can do. You cannot simply expect a 3 or 4-year-old to cook meals or wash utensils. They will mess things up or end up hurting themselves. You have a list of things that are appropriate for a toddler and let your child start doing them. Let them know the difference and make them understand what all they need to do by themselves.
  • Suggest, don’t force – Knowingly or unknowingly, parents often end up forcing their own choices or preferences over their kids. “This should be done that way or that should be done this way” is only going to confuse and demotivate them as they will feel that they are not capable enough to do things on their own. Suggest your opinion if you feel they are doing something wrong but don’t compel them to act accordingly. Let them make that decision by themselves.
  • Help them set a routine – Well here is something that they might need your help with. Make a routine for your child to be followed every day. Initially, you might have to remind them but gradually they will develop a habit and take the responsibility upon themselves. If you are facing any difficulty, talk to a child expert or simply your child’s playschool teacher for better suggestions.