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Challenges faced when kid's start learning to write


Being a mother is the greatest gift of God. But this gift comes with its own set of challenges. The challenge of understanding the child, challenge of caring the kid, challenge of handling the tantrums, challenge of holding the anger, challenge of facing their first day to school, challenge of making them understand that books are not made for tearing and challenge of making them learn to write. There is a never ending list which goes on and on and on.

When a child is first introduced to books, he is fascinated by its colors and he gets attracted towards the pictures made on it. But writing needs some extra efforts. Preschool educators are aware of this need and thus over a period of time a formal approach is derived as to how a child should be taught to write and an age appropriate and activity based curriculum is made for that. Thus, by taking care of a few things, parents can make their process of learning to write smoother and enjoyable for themselves as well as for the little leaders. One school that understands all of this is little leaders, which is the best play school in Ghaziabad.

First of all, preschools focus on developing the fine-motor skills of the kid.Fine motor skills are the skills that involve the smaller movements that occur in the wrists, hands, fingers, and the feet and toes.There are a lot of simple activities which you can make your child to do to improve his fine-motor skills such as playing with the dough, poking straws into holes etc. Similarly, there are a few fun-filled activities to build and improve eye-hand coordination among the LITTLE LEADERS.

As children are more attracted towards the colors and pictures, first introduce them with the crayons and then with the pencil. We should be careful about choosing the coloring books as well as the colors. For pre-primary group, books should be of bigger pictures with a smaller colorful picture shown for the reference. This is because when kids first hold the color, they will not be able to color between the lines. They enjoy scribbling rather than coloring. Teach them as “look at the smaller picture and then try to do” and let them try to identify the color and then to pick the matching color on their own. Colors are now also available in the market with triangular shape to let the child holds the grip properly.

Before actually starting with the letters or numbers, children should be made familiar with the patterns such as standing lines, sleeping lines, slanting lines and curves. Once they are comfortable with the lines they can be taught the letters and numbers as a combination of one or more such lines. For example, number 1 will become a straight line and similarly 2 will become a curve and a sleeping line. By this way, they will be able to identify the patterns behind each and every letter and number and identifying the patterns on their own will be much more enjoyable for them.

After patterns, dotted notation is followed for writing numbers and letters. Starting with the full dotted notation, Learners are introduced to the double and then single dotted notation.

Practice is one of the main key ingredients to perfection. Thus, encourage your child to do one page coloring daily before they start writing. Emphasize the kids to color inside the boundary by repeatedly saying.Similarly one page writing is what required to be followed on daily basis once they start writing.

And last but most important point is to appreciate the kid. Let them know that you have complete faith in them and they can do it. Appreciate each and every effort however small it is. Believe me, these little things which gets ignored easily has the magical powers and can do wonders.

These are some important points to remember if we are to give a good platform to our child. Little leaders, the best play school in Delhi NCR, provide that platform where your child’s need and his personal growth comes first.

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