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How to make bond stronger with kids if you are a working mother

Time is the most crucial factor in building a relationship. And in today’s running generation, where both parents are working, time is the one thing which is always in short. Especially for working mothers, who might be having a hectic day at office, still needs to take care of the household chores and also are required to take care of the kids. Being a working mother, I can very well understand the dilemmas which are faced by all the working moms out there. But believe me there are still a lot of ways by which you can make the bond between you and your kids stronger.

First of all, you have to understand that everything you do need not to be perfect. It is perfectly ok to have one vegetable in the meal instead of two or a bit dirty house. Take time to pamper yourself because only when you will love yourself, you will be able to love others. Until and unless you yourself are a happier person, you cannot keep others happy for long.

Remember, quality time is better than quantity time. Quality time means spending time with your kids on a maternal level of loving and caring for your child, rather than doing lots of activities in the little free time you get with your baby. You need to prioritize your household chores and do only those that need to be done on a daily basis. If required take some help from outside or from other members of the family. Your time with your kid is the most important thing for your kid and thus should be in your priority list too. So, whatever time you are getting with your kids, make that special and worth waiting for them. Avoid any distractions such as TV, mobile, or laptop while spending time with kids. They should realize that they are important for you more than anything else.

The three most important times when a bonding with kids can be made stronger are – morning time when kids wake up, time before going to sleep, and when kids return home from school. So try to fill those times with your love and affection. I know morning times are always a hush-hush but still try to wake up the kids with love and give some time to them. Similarly, discuss their daily routines, their likes and dislikes, and even if nothing else – sing a lullaby to them just before they sleep.

For younger kids, try to do their daily work yourselves. These are the times when you can bond with your kids. One of my friend was once complaining that her baby boy is more comfortable with his bua(aunt) than her. While asking the kid’s daily routine, I came to know that it’s his aunt who bathes and feeds him. On the other hand, she used to focus on her work, the kid’s homework and other related stuff. I suggested her to start doing his work like bathing, feeding etc on her own and in a few days time their comfy level was very much visible.

Call home frequently. Even if there is nothing significant to talk about, call your kids just to say a “Hi” and let them know that you love them more than anything else.

Take sometimes off from work without any reason and spend the day with your little ones. Believe me you will love it more than your kids will do.

“Words” are a very small entity but their effect lasts longer. So keep telling your kids that you love them; you trust them, and all those affectionate things.

Also, let your kids know that even you have your own priorities and thus they should respect your time and work as well.

Don’t forget that being a mother your bonding with the kid is started much before they came into this world. You are just required to nurture it with some love, affection, time and patience and it will blossom in itself as the most wonderful flower in the garden.

Happy Parenting.

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