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Importance of festivals for us and for kid's

India is a land of diversities. Diversity of culture, diversity of language, diversity of religion and diversity of festival. Unlike European countries, where festivals are rather created to unite and to celebrate, we have a wide range of festivals which are spread across the year. Moreover, these festivals are not just about celebrations, in fact each and every festival has a significance of its own and imbued with deep inner worth. But today, in the race of modernization, there has been an erosion of knowledge regarding the rituals and procedures that used to make up the festive moods of the festivals over the generations and thus our kids will hardly be the heirs to much of it. Significance, rituals, procedures, and beliefs related to the festivals which were known to our ancestors are lesser known to us and over the coming generations we are anticipating to lose them even more. Hence, the need of reviving our very own culture is at its peak.

At Little Leaders, which is the best play school in India, we are trying our best to imbibe the importance of festivities in our learners through various activities specially planned for the purpose. For example, stories related to the festivals are recited and shown to them, various competitions such as fancy dress, craft making, show and tell etc. are structured, occasion specific celebrations are organized in the premises, and so on. But as parents are the first teachers to the kids, it is very important to make our little learners aware of our festivals and their importance at home as well. Thus, as a play school for kids, we try to indulge kids in the preparations of the festivals, tell them the importance of the festival and also recite to them the stories related to it, share our cultural and local foods and celebrate the big and small of every festival. Let’s fill our children’s lives with the stories of yore and trust me, it will be fun.

Together, we need to create a world for our kids where formalities are less and celebrations are more, a place where they will grow up listening to the fairy tales from their grandparents, a time when as soon as the festivities are over for a festival they will start looking forward to the next one, where they need not to wait for an occasion to meet, and further more they listen to their own hearts and dance to their own tunes.

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