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A Complete Guide to Help Your Child Learn Colors Faster

Being a parent is a wonderful experience for everyone but also, it brings a new responsibility with itself. At times, parents find it tough to communicate with babies and teach them specific things. After 2 years, the child should start learning about numbers and colors and if your child is yet to start; we are here to help.

Let’s go through the concept of recognizing the colors and know the best exercises to help your child learn colors faster.

Teach Colors Through Observation

If you look at a picture hanging on the wall, the observation time will be much longer. If you have looked at the picture many times, no new elements would appear in it and you would have the impression of knowing it ‘by heart’: this means it stimulates you visually.

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Play Together With Them

Playing with him in this stage to discover shapes and colors will stimulate him enormously.

  • When you point out something that you like with your little finger, name it by its real name, such as that's the color red, that's a triangle.
  • Help him to discover the colors of his clothes, his hair, his shoes, and the shape of his eyes (round), his legs (elongated), indicating where each part of the body is.
  • The mirrors also help to discover themselves and to explore the properties of objects from other viewpoints.
  • It is better to put in their hands-resistant objects that can end up in the ground without breaking and of an adequate size for their little hands.

The Game Of Boxes

You need four small boxes of colors (red, blue, yellow and green, for example) and four different objects to each other, but each one of the colors of a box. You put the boxes in front of the child and the mixed objects. The game consists of putting the objects inside the box of the same color.

Play To Group Objects Of The Same Color

You can scatter several red things (a handkerchief, a building block, a pen etc). As the child finds something red, he "will have to group it" with everyone else.

Exercises To Teach Your Baby To Distinguish Colors

1. Hang colorful figures on the wall and ask your child to point out the colors that you indicate. Once they know the most basic ones (red, yellow, green, blue), try to teach them more difficult new ones (mauve, gray, copper etc).

2. Identify the colors of the clothes all of you wear at home. So, you can ask, for example, what color is your pant or your shirt, or what the color of their favorite pajamas is.

3. Play with the costumes. With a green sheet, for example, you can become a nice green tree. And if you dress all red, you will be a red tomato.

4. Colors in the kitchen. Grab a few pieces of fruit. Tell your children to tell you what each thing is and the color that characterizes it: an apple, red; a pear, green.

5. Painting by fingers. Let's play paint our hands a color. In this way, you will enter more directly with the colors and you can even propose that with your paint cans try to get new ranges and paint each hand of a different color.