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How to teach kids about Good Touch Bad Touch

Considering various disheartening events which have occurred across the country over past few days, children’s security and safety is a major concern for everyone. For our kids, the world is full of new technologies, learning, opportunities, fun and so much more but it also encompasses a few dangers in itself. Thus, it’s a high time to make our kids aware of these dangers they are surrounded with, not to make them scare or frightened but to make them capable of dealing, in case if encountered, and to boost their self-confidence in process of doing so.

Childhood is an age of innocence, simplicity, love and affection. But with all the goods they are required to be aware of the bads as well.It’s a collective responsibility of the parents and the teachers to empower them with all the required knowledge and awareness which must include the knowledge of “The Good Touch and The Bad Touch”.

There are a lot of videos available on the internet on this topic which parents can show to their kids to be aware. Besides, by taking care of a few things, their process of learning can be made easier.

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1. From a very early age, talk to kids about their body, its different parts and their importance. Make them aware that their body is their most personal thing and no one has the right to touch it without their consent.

2. Any conversation with the kids should be in the easiest and simplest way possible. It should not create panic in them. Otherwise it will be difficult for the kids to trust anyone. Thus, educating kids in a friendly manner or doing it as a part of a game is advisable.

3. Kids should clearly be taught the difference between the Good touch and the Bad touch. A good touch is a touch which makes you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. For example, a pat on the back shoulder, friendly hugs and kisses on the forehead or cheeks, high fives or handshakes etc. Contrary, a bad touch is anything that makes the child uncomfortable, feel scared, anxious, or inappropriate in any way.

4. Tell your children that the touch on body parts – chest or breast, bottom or buttocks and the area between their legs is prohibited. These are the body parts which nobody is allowed to touch. Also, if someone touches them that makes them feel confused or uncomfortable and the person asks them not to tell anyone about it, it is a bad touch. Clarify to your kids that bad touch can also happen with their clothes on.

5. If something unusual happens that makes the child uncomfortable, she or he should immediately tell his or her parents or someone she or he trusts. Children should be taught to say ‘no’ to any such invitation offered by adults. Remember, making your children aware of safety is more important than teaching them manners. If any such thing happens in school, children should immediately go to the principal and make the complaint.

6. Be friendly with your kids so that they can always feel free to share anything with you.

7. Keep asking them about their routine, what they feel good about and what they feel bad about the day. Keep enquiring about any particular thing they didn’t like or anything they should tell their Parents.

8. Observe your kids regularly for any behavioral change such as sudden refusal of going to a particular place or to meet a particular person, confinement to the privacy or so. Any such change in behavior should be handled with utmost maturity and by making the kids realized that you are always there for them.

9. Also, please listen to your kids and if they are saying something – trust them.

10. Lastly, teach your kids that they also are not allowed to touch anyone else without the other person’s consent as it is equally important to be good as it is to be protective.