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About Us

Culturally sound environment, right values, child-centric approach, and self-paced learning mechanisms, Little Leaders – a play school, has emerged as a distinguished name in promoting child development across India. Spearheaded by a team of IIT & IIM professionals, this play school is one of its kinds. Here, we make sure the little ones learn without getting bored, or losing their concentration. Our environmentally-friendly and culturally-sound classrooms, innovative teaching methodologies, and an excellent curriculum make us stay ahead of the competitions. We have a lot to offer to each of our student. From engaging classroom activities to the developing their academic skills through singing and dancing, Little Leaders goes an extra mile to create curiosity among the children to learn new things, and improve their mental alertness.


Little Leaders isn’t just a play school but here, emphasis is given on providing special attention to each child's mental, physical and emotional growth to develop the skills that further lead to the child’s ‘Self-Discovery’, Logical Thinking, and ‘Observation’.


We aim at making a child expressive, innovative by instilling in them the life skills. At Little Leaders, quality education is imparted by unique teaching methodology - an inquiry-based learning, to help the the child excel at Reading, Listening, Asking and Learning.


We want to become a humble and trusted play school to impart the highest level academic competitiveness in our children.


We want to mature the young minds in a culturally appropriate environment and provide opportunities to help them realize their true potential.