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A Curriculum of Unparalleled Breadth and Depth

We at Little Leaders are brilliant at acknowledging a child’s unique potential. Our proficient team goes the extra yard to nurture a child’s uniqueness so as to create an emerging leader of tomorrow.

Here’s how we, through our genuinely amazing curriculum make our children future-ready:


A happy, caring, secure, and supportive environment can make a child feel wanted and loved. At Little Leaders, we pay a particular attention to enabling the children discover their capabilities, and work towards making them increasingly appreciative and respective of the thoughts and emotions of others. Our children are disciplined and imbibe good humor, positive attitude, and great ideologies.


Considering that English is used as an official language across the globe, we encourage our children to grow into a confident and active user of English. Our sessions include highly engaging sessions of questions and answers to develop the conversational skill in each child. Then the frequent narration of interesting stories from books makes them an active listener too. Our nursery library further has a collection of children books to study and borrow from.


Early math skills are important for the development of children. At Little Leaders, we aim at improving a child’s logical reasoning skills while they play. We organize numerous activities from time to time to support the children’s thinking about numbers and develop disposition towards mathematics. Group counting, singing activities aided by mathematical rhymes are some of the strategies that we follow.


Creative activities contribute heavily in the overall development of a child. Since a preschooler witnesses the world as something magical and imaginary, we take care of their innocence in the best possible way! The vivacious team of Little Leaders keeps coming up with new and creative ideas to foster mental development in children. We have incorporated art, craft, design, music, dance, role-play and drama in our curriculum to help the toddlers express their feelings.


Making the kids understand the world should be our prime focus, as it directly relates to their everyday lives, and the community they are living in. We at our play school, also have several running programs to give our children a better knowledge and proper understanding of the world. This holistic approach will only let the children grasp history, geography, and technology better in the later years.


Adding information and communication technology in the curriculum helps us enhance the growth and development of each child, gives other dimensions to their learning, and enables them to reach out for more.