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Day Care

Little Leaders Day Care is one of the most preferred centers in Delhi NCR region. Our day care centers offer the excellent care and learning for your little ones.

Little Leaders Day Care service is not just a place where your kid will be sleeping or eating on time but a center which provides a properly managed program for the children. Carefully chosen activities based upon research are conducted such as nap time, fun time, meal time, outdoor playtime, creative games etc. This enables an overall growth of the child with lots of fun & enjoyment.


Safety Measures:

The entire center is designed to provide safe and secure environment for all kids sharp edges, high areas etc are taken care while designing the interior of center. The center shall be well equipped with surveillance system with local remote monitoring. Security audits are conducted on regular intervals.

Homely Environment:

All Care takers are well trained and ably equipped to take proper care of your kids, be it love, play, study or communication. Emphasis is on providing a home like experience to kids so that they feel at home, even while away from home.


We maintain a very healthy and clean environment and use all child safe and certified material at center. Staff works constantly to develop and inculcate healthy habits in kids with regular practicing of same like hand wash, keeping the surroundings neat and clean and duct free etc. Cleaning of center is done at regular intervals.

Homely Food:

Fresh homely food is cooked and served to kids as per their age requirement. Food is served only after the quality check by respective branch heads.

Specialized staff for young toddlers:

We shall employ specialized nursing staff also at center to take care of young kids especially up to the age of 18 months.