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Happy Independence Day


I feel pleasure to have the privilege of extending my message to the people, parents, educators, co-workers and the budding twigs.

Independence Day is the most important day for all the Indian citizens and has been mentioned forever in the history.

Several great freedom fighters had struggled and spent their whole life only for getting freedom. We can never forget the sacrifices of the Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose and Chandra Sekhar Azad who had lost their lives in their early age just for fighting for their country. How can we ignore all the struggles of Netaji and Gandhiji.

We are so lucky that our forefathers have given us a land of peace and happiness where we can sleep the whole night without fear and enjoy the whole day in our school or home.

It has been 72 years since our independence and we have come a long way. Even after 72 years, there are so many beautiful things in our country that we would always cherish as Indians. We still live with the concept of "Unity in diversity" with diverse language, culture, and religion. We live in harmony and celebrate each other's festivals with love. We have not forgotten our traditions and values and we never let one another to forget them either. My dream is that every LITTLE LEADER grows and develop as an integrated personality and become a true global citizen and contribute immensely towards the nation’s further development, and also for the world peace at large.

Happy Independence Day to all
Jai Hind.

Mrs. Anu Gupta
Parenting Proficient
Chairperson, Leaders Group of School

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