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Happy Teacher’s Day


Dear Educators,

You are the person who shapes the future of tomorrow.

You may not always be confined to the four walls of a school. You sometimes act as parents, sibling, soulmate, friends or simply a companion.

You are experts at uplifting, encouraging, and bringing joy to your respective classroom environments. You are helping to empower students with the strong character traits that they will use in their daily decision making. You are inspiring life-long learners and, most importantly, you are giving students the freedom to choose—making it possible for them to have limitless options for their life paths and careers.

You have all the power to bring revolution.

Would like to thank you all for your hardwork, perseverance, and efforts. I totally believe in that together we can create a difference.

I salute you all.

Happy Teachers Day.

Mrs. Anu Gupta
Parenting Proficient
Chairperson, Leaders Group of School

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