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How to imbibe patriotism in kid's


Recently, Supreme Court of India has made it compulsory for all the theatres to play National Anthem and all present in the hall are obliged to stand up to show respect and solidarity. Yesterday, when I went to watch a movie, a four year old kid besides me was asking his mother, “Mummy, why do you always make me stand on the National Anthem?” A small and innocent question from that kid made me think about the necessity of imbibing patriotism and “the pride of being Indian” in the kids.

Although, schools take a lot of required measures to imbibe patriotism in kids from a very young age by organizing different fun-filled activities, competitions, plays etc., and at little leaders, we instil that patriotism which is why we are the best play school in Ghaziabad. Yet as they say that home is the first school of kids and parents are the first teachers, it is important to take a few steps at home as well.

First of all, the feelings which we want our kids to possess should be a part of us as well. We cannot force our kids to do or say something we do not believe or trust in.

National holidays should not be treated as another day off to chill out. Rather, they should be enjoyed as festivals and all the parades and programs related to the holiday, which does get aired on national TV, should be enjoyed with complete family. These small gestures will teach the kids about importance of these holidays and the reason behind them.

Obviously, all such gestures will bring in a lot of queries from the smaller ones. We need to answer those queries patiently.

Try to bring some small gifts (may be a tricolor set of balloon or a flag) for kids on these days or make some special dish (a tricolor one will be a good idea) to enjoy the day. By this way, children will look forward to the national holidays and also will enthusiastically wait for them.

At times, take a break and visit historical monuments with your kids. Also, explain them the significance of the monuments as well as the responsibility we all should show towards these national heritages.

Encourage the kids to participate in any events that occurred in your vicinity or in the school. By participating, they will learn a lot of things

Let us together make an India where in future patriotism is not imposed by an order rather it is a part of our well-being. Jai Hind.

Respect for country is one of the most important feelings we know it very well. At little leaders, the best play school in Delhi NCR, we educate children in such a way that patriotism comes from within.

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