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Happy Parenting

Happy Parenting

Happy Parenting

An Empty Vessel can’t Quench Thirst!

A woman plays different roles in the society. She plays each and every role with care and love! Whether she is a professional or a full time home maker, she seems to create a world around her. A woman is blessed with the power to create. It’s her choice what she does with that.

When she chooses to be a mother she is at her best potential. She gives herself to the creation and keeps pouring all what she has! In the process a woman starts losing her own self. Being a mother, she chooses to take care, to be alert, to be optimistic, forgive, and stay on the toes all round the corner.

But a mother must understand that if she wants to be at her best potential she has to nurture herself. A person must be calm, happy, socially and emotionally secured to Love, Care and to nurture others. Healing is the most important aspect that is forgotten at the first place. So to attain and sustain the optimal health it’s important to be kind to one own self.

Let your Mind & Body Heal and Replenish the Resources!!

  • Deep Breathe for 5 minutes after getting up and before going to bed.
  • Drink 300 ml of water before every meal.
  • Don’t speak while cooking food, chant as per your belief!
  • Write a gratitude journal daily.
  • Speak what you want must happened not what you don’t want. For example – You are an intelligent & understanding child! (you want) you are good for nothing, you will not achieve anything in life ! ( you surely don’t want this to happen)
  • Don’t eat leftover food. Serve yourself a plate with proper food.
  • Reminder : You are a human being, you can make mistakes
  • Communicate with your child as an individual and try to understand his/her opinion about the general things.
  • Spend 2 minutes in front of the mirror and talk to the most honest person, your own reflection!