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Little Leaders School




We believe that the learners when nurtured in a positive and stimulating environment emerge as future global citizens with holistic personality, high ethical values and progressive minds with technological intelligence that they need to function in the multilingual and multicultural societies we live in.


It is a comprehensive, multi-modality learning curriculum that takes cognizance of the varied learning styles of all learners and enables them to reach successful levels of understanding which they explore and discover at their own pace, no matter what their preferred learning style is.

It is our endeavor to make every child become expressive, innovative and inculcate life skills. We raise life-long learners who consistently work towards becoming the better versions of them. The curriculum is well-researched and designed to work with the student-centric approach.

The significant 7- Dimensions are the keys that help us to run a successful Learning Program

  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Social and Emotional intelligence
  • Inquiry- Based learning
  • Mastering Communication Skills
  • Creative and Critical thinking Skills
  • Information & Technology
  • Encouraging Learners to Strive for Excellence

A synergistic accumulation of sports, music, dramatics, dance and aggregate ICT along with the academics makes this exclusive curriculum an adept enabler which opens the door to all learning.

To inculcate undiscriminating and assimilating future ready approach towards the world, LEADERS TRANS DISCIPLINARY DOMAINS & their SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound) learning outcomes have been curated keeping in mind the age-appropriateness of the learners. The School has initiated a set of activities that would work closely on the comprehensive learning in line with SDG-2030.