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Importance of Teaching Agriculture in Primary Schools!!

Agriculture is the soul of any economy in the world. It is a science that makes the person understands the significance of life. Agriculture is a pathway to a harmonious relationship with the environment. It also gives a practical dimension and perspective about life and the world around, hence introducing agriculture or gardening and farming at the early stage helps to nurture the life skills required in the future.

Primary School Curriculum must add the subject as a main stream component as it will help to develop the interest and understanding towards the wider aspects and the urge to know the scope of agriculture post there higher secondary schooling. Children can be introduced to the concepts of social responsibility and life phenomena such as the importance of discipline and accountability just by simply “watering the plants” and observing the growth ratio.

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Value of Nutrition is the most important lesson in the middle school curriculum. The understanding of food, its components, benefits of the local, seasonal food and the value of a healthy and balanced diet along with many such relevant topics can be practically explained along with the integration of the geography and social opportunities.

Healthy mind dwells in a Healthy body is something we all are aware of, but to make this a ritual and incorporate it in the belief system of the generation Z, our kids must know the importance of the nutritional diet forms. They also must be aware of the process that involves so much labor to bring the food on the table. Providing a practical approach to farming at the school level will also sensitize them towards the food wastage and world’s food and hunger issues. The knowledge they get at the early stage will help them find the solutions and make them better human beings. Farming activities also make them physically fit which in turn will benefit in their academic performance and develop the concentration span. It will help them to develop the bond with the nature that is needed for sustainable development in the era of technology!