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Little Leaders Play School

Play School Admission

Play School Admission

Play School Admission Age

Play School Admission

Little Leaders is one of the most trusted and prestigious schools committed to nurturing young minds in their growing years. We take pride in being ranked among the top preschools in India. The world-class infrastructure, innovative/NCF 2023 aligned curriculum, and quality education sets us apart in the industry. Our goal is to empower young minds, lay a solid academic foundation, and instill futuristic skills among inquisitive learners. With a perfect amalgamation of activity-based and experiential learning, Little Leaders helps kids develop a passion for lifelong learning.

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Enroll Your Little Ones in the Best Play School in India

Every parent wants to enroll their kids in the best play schools. Before enrolling kids, inquiring about the play school admission age is crucial. If you are in search of a reputed play school in India, your search ends here. Taking forward the legacy of excellence in the field of education, Little Leaders offers a safe, lively, and joyful environment for enthusiastic learners. Our passionate educatorsare dedicated to imparting age-appropriate education and ensuring the holistic development of children.

We understand that preschool children are always eager to learn new things and are naturally curious. At Little Leaders, we provide the ideal environment where the little ones can learn, explore, and grow at their own pace. We encourage them to actively participate in several fun& learning based activities and develop their communication, cooperation, and other social & emotional skills. Enroll your kids in the best play school in India and let them shine in the competitive world.

Admission Made Simple and Easy

Little Leaders welcomes kids from diverse backgrounds and provides them with the necessary learning tools to succeed in the future. The admission process of schools is often a tiring process for parents. Especially if you are a working parent, the lengthy process can be frustrating. Little Leaders values the precious time of parents. We have a simple and straightforward admission process. Verify the play school admission age and enroll your children in a hassle-free manner.

Our friendly and cooperative admission staff are ready to provide parents with the necessary assistance to complete the process. We can guide you throughout the admission procedure and address all your queries. The systematic process and dedicated staff enable Little Leaders to offer optimum convenience to the parents.

Why Little Leaders?

Little Leaders is a pioneer in delivering early childhood education and care. A loving and warm environment is what we offer to engage and facilitate the overall growth and development of children. We focus on bringing out the best in every child and preparing them for further formal education. Integrated teaching methodologies, innovative techniques, and a stimulating learning environment make us a trusted choice among parents. Inquire about the play school admission age and enroll your kid at Little Leaders for a brighter future.


1. What is the right age to enroll kids in a play school?

The right play school admission age is between 2 to 6 years.

2. Why does sending children to preschool matter?

Enrolling children in play schools prepares them for formal education and enables the development of several skills.

3. What is the teacher-student ratio at Little Leaders?

We have a well-balanced teacher-student ratio as recommended by the education department to ensure that every child gets individual attention.

Little Leaders Play School